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Please join us Sunday November 20 from 12pm to 2 pm at Hinck’s Turkey Farm where we will stand together and hold signs to raise awareness that turkeys are sentient beings, not food.

We have plenty of signs and there is lots of parking right across the street.

Hincks is at 1414 Atlantic Ave, Manasquan

More than 45 million turkeys are killed each year at Thanksgiving alone. Please come join us as we hold signs and let the public know this is so wrong.

Also – Kaya’s Kitchen, a fantastic vegan restaurant, is just about 15 minutes away so let us know if you’re interested in joining us afterwards for a delicious meal and great company! Please email us at so we can reserve enough space. 

For the facebook event, please click here.
Here’s some photos from past Thanksgiving Protests!
If you find Hinck’s Turkey Pickin Time sign as offensive as we do – please join us!

Upcoming Events

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We have so many great events coming up! Please join us!!

This Saturday is the potluck:

Sept. 11 we will be tabling at the Red Bank Street Fair (sign up for a time slot – link on event page):

Sept. 17 we will be leafletting at the March for Env’l Justice:

Sept. 18 is our first vigil at Catelli Brothers in Collingswood:

More to come!
Hope to see you all soon!

The Road to Compassion

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Please check out our campaign to get 60 posters of the image below on Nj Transit buses for one month. This campaign has been coordinated with NYFAS, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, and A Well-Fed World.

Click Road to Compassion to see all the great perks you can get for donating.  Please also share the link as well!

Thank you so much!

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Press for vigil #10

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Some early press for Sunday’s vigil from The Monmouth Journal (see below – second article down). If you haven’t made plans to already, join us on Sunday. It will send a strong message that people in New Jersey care about farmed animals!! We have made it this far and possibly influenced this new change at Catelli. Let’s really hit that message of compassion home!

Catelli Vigil #10

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Please join us at our tenth peaceful protest outside of Catelli Brothers Slaughterhouse on Sun. Mar. 13 from 12-2. The address is 776 Broad Street, Shrewsbury.

We have come out of the holiday season refreshed after leafletting and outreach and are now ramping up for an exciting new season of activism this spring! Let’s keep raising awareness in Shrewsbury that a calf and lamb slaughterhouse that was recently shut down for inhumane treatment is open right in their midst. There is no question that when people drive by and see our group of activists, it makes an impression, and the more of us there are standing together, the larger the impression!

We will have plenty of signs! You don’t need to bring anything at all.

While we cannot guarantee parking, the office building right next door, at 750 Broad Street, has a very large parking lot and most of their offices are closed on Sundays.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. – Elie Wiesel

We have lots of great events this fall!

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Just a reminder of our upcoming events this fall. Event pages for each one will be posted a few weeks prior with all necessary details. Please note, the date for the vigil at Goffle Poultry farm has changed.
Looking forward to seeing everyone!!
Sat Nov. 14 – visit to Skylands Sanctuary 11:30
Sun Nov. 15 – Lorelle and I will be speaking at MAVS. Come support us and enjoy the wonderful pot luck meal!
Sun Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving peaceful protest at Hinck’s Turkey Farm 12-2
Sun Dec. 6 – 12-3 – leafletting at Jersey Shore Outlets
Sun Dec. 13 – leafletting at Menlo Park Mall 12-4

Candlelight Vigil for World Day for Farmed Animals

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Please join us for a special candlelight vigil in honor of the 32nd annual World Day for Farmed Animals. Thousands of activists around the globe will gather on this day to raise public awareness of the suffering of farmed animals. Join us on Friday, October 2nd from 7-9pm at Catelli Brothers slaughterhouse to create a powerful display of compassion in action.

Candles and signs will be provided. Parking is available at 750 Broad Street. We hope to see you there!

For more information, please check out the event page on facebook at